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Rob Jones was born into one of Miami’s richest and most powerful families. From birth, he was surrounded by the wealth and opulence that could only come from one source: drugs. Even though Rob has the opportunities to take him anywhere in life, he only wants one thing—the family business.

Bypassing the ranks through which ordinary hustlers rise, Rob instantly shoots to the top under the guidance of his uncle and cocaine magnate, Sed. Through Sed’s teachings, he quickly learns the ropes of the high-stakes operations that his family runs. He is determined to gain the same fame and respect that his uncle has, and he turns to dangerous deals to make a name for himself.

Rob jumps into the cocaine game at the very top, avoiding the struggles of a hustler who has to pay his dues on the streets. But while he is enjoying the fast life, he makes a crucial mistake. Now, Rob finds himself in the middle of a police chase and is the top story on the 6 o’clock news. While on trial for multiple gun charges and attempted murder, Rob finds himself wondering, Would this have happened to a corner boy?

Corner Boy is the story of how one rebellious man finds out the hard way that connections can get you in the game, but street smarts are what get you to the top.

ISBN: 978-1-935714-04-0                    SRP: $16.95