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After his release from prison in 1999 from a seven-year drug trafficking sentence, Sed was determined to build a mega-empire and take over the streets of Miami. Going back to the life he knew, Sed once again chooses the fast life, complete with the drugs that were responsible for his imprisonment. It's a risky job, but with his master plan and the connections that Sed made in prison, he is able to take the streets once again and become the notorious self-proclaimed king of Miami.

Business is booming, and this time Sed has made sure to secure protection from the outside to avoid prison. Meanwhile, internal operations aren’t so smooth. Sed, also known as Un, finds himself in an unusual situation when two of his trusted runners, Tracy and Mark, get caught with 1,000 kilograms of cocaine. Tracy is prepared to trade in her life of luxury and fast money for an orange jumpsuit and a lengthy prison sentence— anything for the man she loves. Mark, however, is not so willing. When Sed learns of Mark's plans for betrayal, he makes a few plans for his own. As the collateral damage piles up, the stakes and the tension mount, leaving Sed and Mark struggling to rise above the ruined empire that sustained them for so long.  

Death of a Legend is the story of one's man rise to fame, money, power and respect, and the untimely, dramatic fall of the notorious empire that he single-handedly built.

ISBN: 978-1-935714-02-6                     SRP: $16.95