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It’s the early 1990’s, and New Jersey is thriving from the bustling drug trafficking business. At the center of operations is Green Eyes, a self-made kingpin who deals to the biggest and best in Jersey. With money, power, and control, Green Eyes creates a fearsome empire that echoes past the turnpike.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey Boys, a rival drug gang, are also rising to prominence, stealing clients and claiming wealthy sections of Jersey. Green Eyes, seeing an opportunity to expand his empire, partners with the NJ Boys and becomes a vital new member of their crew. After a smooth four-year run, the crew begins to suffer from internal rivalries and eventually falls apart. With every man for himself, Green Eyes takes on a highly profitable but risky account which ends with disastrous and unpredictable results.

Five years later, Green Eyes is released from prison, only to be hit with the news that his friend and business associate committed suicide. With no one asking questions, he is determined to find out what really happened the morning of October 30, 2006. The other person determined to find out what happened? Neshela Jones.

As a companion to Sunshine through Darkness, Green Eyes chronicles the life of a New Jersey drug lord from his days of small time hustling to meeting Miami’s own drug princess. From bricks to birds, the novel is a glimpse into Jersey’s cocaine game and the ups and downs that follow.

ISBN: 978-1-935714-00-2                    SRP: $16.95