"Letters" An annual essay contest created to further engage young people around the globe to write a letter to their hero, honoring their legacy, their vision and leadership that inspired a nation. 

Each of our programs includes an awesome opportunity for  young people to write. WRITE YOUR WAY THROUGH Youth Writing & Publishing Institute is a creative writing program created to empower youth and young adults. Writing is a wonderful form of therapy. It is our goal to encourage participants to write through their circumstances, trails, and or misfortune.

Participants will experience a unique curriculum designed to develop and support students’ imaginative writing across literary genres. By the program’s conclusion, students will produce and perfect quality pieces suitable for publication.

I WANT TO BE AN AUTHOR is a writing competition that promotes the significance of writing through a literary contest designed to turn writers into authors by developing and supporting their skills. It is our goal to harness the creative writing talent of participants and provide them with the knowledge they need to be published authors in the future.

  • Gain exposure to a variety of genres

  • Develop writing skills

  • Receive personalized attention as well as peer feedback​

  • ​Develop professional skills

  • Gain Knowledge on the business of publishing​

Provides participants with a series of engaging courses that advance skill building knowledge and information on current trends in the publishing industry. This mini creative writing program is designed to help young aspiring writers hone their craft. It is our goal to encourage a diverse body of motivated, committed teenagers to develop their full intellectual and artistic potential. The program is designed to develop new authors, editors, marketing assistants, and graphic designers. 

"Turning creative thoughts into published perfection"

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Knowledge gives everyone the tools they need to succeed throughout life. We provide motivational lectures for positive growth to uplift individuals. We will encourage and inspire, women and youth to develop their full intellectual and artistic potential by providing a platform for the expression of self worth and creativity.

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