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In Loving Memory of

Jerriff Omar Harper

October 29, 1981- October 30, 2006

I love you!

Surviving The Darkest Days

Neshela Jones grew up with the kind of luxuries other girls could only dream of. She had it all, never wanting for anything. Her family ran one of the largest drug organizations in Miami, but in 2003 her family was faced with a major tragedy, followed by one of the largest indictments in the history of the United States. The FBI and DEA were determined to shut Neshela's family down.

After the indictment of Neshela's family members and the execution of her uncle, Neshela vows that she doesn't want any part of the streets, constantly trying to escape the only life she knows. She finds herself back in the circle with a new crew, the NJ Boys.

While on vacation in New Jersey she catches the eye of Jerri Hopkins, a major associate of the criminal organization known as the "Firm." Hopkins is determined to have her, and as Neshela falls into the arms of a New Jersey Bad Boy, there seems to be no escaping the only life she knows.

Both Jerri and Neshela find themselves caught up in the fast life. They have it all: money, cars, diamonds, and a great relationship. But now they're faced with a new reality that will change their lives forever.

Will they survival the darkest days together?

ISBN: 978-1-58736-999-5                      SRP: $16.95