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"In My Own Words"

​In 2006 I learned the tragic news that my better half, whom I loved dearly, had committed suicide. I began to write daily inserts to him as if he was still alive and speaking with me on the telephone. That's where my fire was ignited to start my first novel, Surviving the Darkest Days.​

Tonetta Chester

Born in Miami, Florida Tonetta Chester is an American author, publisher, entrepreneur and the archetype of the American Success Story. 

The Miami native has had her share of dark days, which serve as the touchstone for many of her published novels. These stories of love, motherhood, and the hood rich, played out against an urban backdrop, were borne out of personal tragedy for Ms. Chester. After the untimely death of her beloved (better half), Tonetta started writing love letters to her deceased beloved, however little did she know that these collections of her life's travels would provide the inspiration to publish her first novels. 

Although 'Real Street Fiction', is the idiom Ms. Chester chooses to describe her writing style, they are, in fact, morality tales meant to educate the reader on the realities of life, while providing insight and the belief one can stand victorious over personal trials. 

Tonetta graduated Charles W. Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines, Fl, where she also attended Miami-Dade College, majoring in Psychology. In addition to the demands of a full time work and school schedule, Ms. Chester was also a single mother, raising her daughter.

Adding to her impressive list of accomplishments, Ms. Chester's non profit organization South Florida Charmz further illustrates her commitment to nurturing hope in others, particularly Women. Her non-profit, founded in 2001, is dedicated to assisting young women from the hardships of young motherhood, by not only offering education but also helping them develop the self confidence and clear judgement needed to navigate through their challenges.

In 2009, Ms.Chester founded TC Publishing & Consulting Group, a full service publishing house dedicated to helping authors fulfill their dreams. As of 2011 Tonetta Chester is an internationally recognized author, who has written six urban fiction novels; currently two of her novels are being developed into a TV series titled, "MISCONCEPTION."