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Partnership with JLK Publishing

Write Your Way Through (WYWT) Writing & Publishing Institute is a series of engaging courses that provide attendees with advanced skill building knowledge and information on current trends and issues in the publishing industry.  The curriculum connect writers, media experts, authors and professionals through interactive lessons for information exchange.  WYWT offers intense training plus innovative development that educates future authors on how to pen a money-making book, self publishing concepts,  and
‚Äčthe business of writing and marketing literary material.

Partnership with JLK Publishing

1. What do you want to write?  What is your genre?

2. Getting your thoughts on paper...(PAGE ONE) "Everyone starts with the BLANK PAGE" 

3. How to stick to the writing process.  Tips on overcoming writers block.

4. When the manuscript is finished, what next?...Editing 101

5. Understanding the differences between self-publishing and a major book deal.

6. Understanding the process from finished manuscript to book "The final chapter."

7. Understanding the business of publishing and being an independent author. The new trends of books.

8. Everything a published author needs to know to be successful.

"Turning creative thoughts into published perfection"

8 Powerful Classes